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… just finished a new song “someshine”

I wanted to post a video to go along with it, which I am shooting – the spinning plates however threaten to fall!… also just finished making a snare drum out of a maple log from a neighbors tree… I wanted to post some video of that too since it will be fun to show

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new song and video > facebook kid

facebook_kidfnl from david hill on Vimeo. OK so this song is a laugh about our modern emphasis on virtual relationships… don’t get me wrong – I like virtual technology, it is just strange to see so many people standing next to people in real life – but staring into their phones, oblivious to their surroundings.

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new song > you lay me down

ahhh yes…dreams. Do you remember yours? According to those that study dreams, if we spend about 1/3 of our lives sleeping, and we live to be about 80 years old, that would mean we spend about 26 years sleeping. On an average night a person dreams between 4-6 separate dream sequences. The dreams can last

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sorry babe video

[flashvideo filename= /] sorry babe – this is a first crack at having real actors / actresses sort of act out a song I wrote. We basically got together on short notice and improvised everything. We ended up at a local dance and had a hard time finding a stranger to dance – but fortunately

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new video and music bit – vox luma

this music was laying around in a folder and reared its head while I was working on something else (so what else is new). I really wanted to finish it, and decided to go ahead and assemble a little video. Vocoders, edgy drums, arpeggiated synths and even a djembe solo on the outro…funny side story

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new video > down to my knees

I asked my label about doing some interpretive videos – and they said, and I quote, “we don’t have the money”. Remaining undaunted I spoke to Kaylee, (my daughter) about shooting some footage I might be able to use. She was open – but since we don’t have a proper video recorder – we had

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New Song! hear the drum