fortitude - from the 7 virtues

fortitude - from the 7 virtues

In ‘fortitude’ Pieter Bruegel illustrates the militant qualities required to overcome evil. An angel is in the foreground with a pillar (strength), a book (Gods word), and chains shackling evil. Many grotuesque and common forms of evil are being defeated (peacock – pride, pig – gluttony, funnel – drunkenness / surgical quackery?) A castle is watched calmly…(Psa 22:20; Deliver my soul from the sword; my darling from the power of the dog. ) Created c. 1560, Fortitude features the following inscription in the lower margin: ANIMVM VINCERE, IRACVNDIAM COHIBERE, CAETERAQ [VE] VITIA ET, AFFECTVS | COHIBERE, VERA FORTITVDO EST (To conquer one’s impulses, to restrain anger and the other vices and emotions: this is the true fortitude). In a time when feelings and permissiveness are emphasized, an inspiring truth.

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