I am not a hype guy…

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I really do have a rather extreme wallop – it is the most aggressive song I have written – with crunchy guitar and that driving double kick triplet feel – well – I did it on a single bass but you will get the idea…there may be a vocal feedback fuzz effect that will accompany the whole fiasco – but I am not sure yet…so why do I bring this up now, on the eve of the next wallop? Well – I ended up doing something else at the last minute. It is a rather opposite direction, jazz-ish, ambient. So – if you were holding your breath for the extreme – I apologize, but it should be up soon – in the meantime – I am thinking of the name of that extreme song…something along the line of skruds cacophony in A…catchy eh?

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  1. LanceNo Gravatar says:

    skruds cacophony in A

    Love it!
    Made me laugh.
    Thanks for the inspirational kick in the shorts!

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