well I'm on fire - this is true

for the Lord - how about you

I got my reason - and I got no doubt

I got the Holy Spirit - and I'm a gonna shout

King of Kings - Lord of Lords

mercy on me - have mercy Lord

Lord deliver - Lord remake,

gonna celebrate - I'm a gonna celebrate

joy of the lord is my strength - He has become my salvation


well everybody - far and wide

you can run - and you can hide

but you can't ever get away from this...

the good Lords love - he ain't ever gonna miss

shining brightly - for all to see

everywhere for you and me

don't you worry - and don't you fret

cause you ain't seen nothing yet

chorus 2X

well bang that drum - play that chord

make a new noise - unto the Lord

wanna praise my King - wanna praise my King

wanna let him know - wanna sing wanna sing

let everybody - have hands collide

gonna put some beats on the floor it's time

drum solo

joy of the Lord 2x

lord deliver - lord remake


copyright sonifly 2008