just a glitch

well a long time ago in a place far away

in a little bitty city - well it seems like yesterday

there once was a girl with a flag unfurled

I felt pity and I felt a sway

she was moving toward something that I didn't understand

but I knew that something wasn't what I meant or planned

she said ok we go today

just you and me its a secret where we stay

I said oh my I don't know

right where I am is where I wanna go

she looked with a glint in her cold red eye

and she said there something that I found a big surprise, she said

hey now ho now life is just a glitch

hey now ho now just move your mouse and switch

so I stared at the screen and the voices rang

I didn't really want to be a part of this thing

I guess where her path would finally lead

pretty sure it never would have been a place for me

It was hard to imagine such a fine jpeg

had hell fire burning underneath her legs

and the way she swayed in her mpeg bliss

clearly seemed to imply that it wasn't what to miss

but I was smarter than I guess they thought

I have a life with Christ been brought

I don't wanna go put on that shame

so I clicked the red x and watched a football game


copyright sonifly 2010