lots of changes coming

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I have a new song;

I am calling it a kind of electro-evangelo – acid jazz…pretty sure this one is an acquired flavor. Further – I have added a Collaboration overview , as well as a Production rates and FAQ section. Not to mention…er I mean also to mention a brand spanking new Collaboration request form for getting vital info and uploading files…

3 Responses to “lots of changes coming”

  1. lmNo Gravatar says:

    smokin hot – great mix on the song.

  2. jolNo Gravatar says:

    wow – what a production – can hear a tweak on the vox – but it thumps big time!

  3. drhillNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for the feedback – I am actually getting ready to revisit all of the vocals and tweak for a ‘release’….more on this later…

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