my friend

every nite and every day

no matter what they say

because you're my friend i know it's all gonna be ok

if i'm high and if i'm low and if i don't know

i know it gives me a boost just to know

you're always gonna show

maybe that's why i thought i'd try

and get it down in a song and give my words wings and see

if they will fly

anyway today this songs for you

you know and you knew it as a friend your true

and i'll play it anyway

talkin bout my friend (2x)

well yesterday i laughed till i cried

when you did what you did with that sparkle in your eye

and its all right

you fight for whats right

you won't sell out for a lie

and your always ready with your arms open wide

forever and a day i pray that you'll stay my friend

til the end cause you're the best friend

the good Lord ever could send

talkin about my friend (2X)



talkin bout my friend


copyright sonifly 2010