my lord Christ

my lord Christ my lord Christ

say it once and I'll say it twice

he done trampled death and hell in glorious glee


well that ol devil for so long

held my neck all day long

and every night he terrorized me in my dreams

didn't matter where I went

or how much money that I spent

there was nothing but dry dust inside of me


then one day there came a man

told me bout that gospel plan

and the precious blood on calvary

and so I - I did repent

and away that devil sent

and now I've got the Holy Spirit and I'm free


you may wonder and you may worry

you may go under all and you may scurry

but if you ask, yes simply ask friend you will see

because my Lord Christ, my Lord Christ

he loves you, and he loves me

and he has trampled death and hell for eternity



copyright sonifly 2010