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I was talking to a friend from Nashville recently – he was sharing his thoughts on music, his music, my music, his bosses music (very big boss > hint > blind piano player singer with many hits and awards)…and he suggested I do a ” buffet” style album – like, you choose 10 tunes – I make the cd. Could be cool. I am planning on either a best of from the wallops stuff, or maybe the special order approach…not sure…maybe both. I have some kewl art for the album, and this will be the first time I do the proper release through itunes etcetera. I was also thinking of adding a business link, where I can ruminate on my experiences in the business of music. It may not put you on the Forbes 500, but it should be entertaining and somewhat informative. I am hoping to put a short bit up on my next tune which will be accompanied by a video in the next few days when I have a better grasp of timelines. Thats all for now!

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