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this song took a lot longer than the usual for several reasons…I enjoyed practicing singing it, I had an epic computer crash, there was a musician I wanted to play bass and he said he would play on the song but never came through (so I had to play it), I was also going through a mixing and mastering book and wanted to try my hand on this one…enough excuses? No? Oh – I also wanted to try an animation effect that took some learning. The animation kind of reminds me of those firework snakes I used to light when I was little, only this one is digital and emits music notes. OK anyway, so the song itself “hootchie gootchie bye bye” is about the evil other. There is a mix of live instruments (guitar, harmonica, bass, drums percussion) and synth / samples, layered vocals… I did the one man band on this, hopefully you like it. I have 3 versions of the video – flash and tablet / ipad friendly. So first button is audio only, second is with flash animation, and the third is a link to a Quicktime file, after that the ipad video is linked.. Lyrics in video and below.

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Quicktime file hootchie gootchie bye bye

ipad file hootchie gootchie bye bye


hootchie gootchie bye bye

well you said you’d go
but you don’t
and I guess I wonder why

why you keep hangin round
beggin me baby please

you go all around draggin down
everyone no use

I can feel its time to
fly fly fly away
now let me be

well go away its okay
I ain’t gonna sit and cry

cry for you a river
that will surely be the end of me

I’m cuttin loose from the noose
I ain’t hangin on your lies

goodbye hootchie gootchie goodbye
I am settin myself free

well if what you see is what you get
what you get will soon be gone
when it’s gone it’s safe to bet
I’ll be on my way home

oh lowly now hootchie gootchie bye bye

11 Responses to “new song > hootchie gootchie bye bye”

  1. DCusaNo Gravatar says:

    Awesome! One of the better songs you’ve done! Is the “evil other” a person or??

  2. drhillNo Gravatar says:

    evil other = my dark side or satanic self

  3. richaNo Gravatar says:

    This is really something for a basement production. Nice job man!

  4. djdennizNo Gravatar says:

    This song tickles my excitement muscle….did I mention I like it?
    🙂 Lots of nice surprises.

  5. instabroNo Gravatar says:

    WOW! Sounds to me like it belongs somewhere big.

  6. GregKNo Gravatar says:

    Good song bro – nice singing.

  7. kathyj18No Gravatar says:


  8. drhillNo Gravatar says:

    it is humbling that people get an emotional / inspirational tug from a song I wrote….thanks for your feedback!

  9. MichaelPowersNo Gravatar says:

    OHHH LOWLY NOW HOOTCHIE GOOTCHIE BYE BYE!!!! You R KILLIN the vox…lol non singer drummer guy you…HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Good job man seriously very cool – get this tune out there – if you want help let me know you got some secret sauce here!! Lets teach the world to kick out the hootchie gootchie!

  10. DCusaNo Gravatar says:

    You should push this!

  11. drhillNo Gravatar says:

    well I figure publishing here it is the first push…

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