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Well, here it is… the post I have been putting off for some time. Why? Because it marks a new venture. No – I am not necessarily going to write a song a week for another year. The truth is, this is MUCH more ambitious / intimidating… and I hesitate to say much more specifically about it now – because of the trepidation with which I will hold myself responsible. Not making sense? OK, don’t worry – you will notice that this song, “sorry babe” starts a new song table. The new project is going to be called (for now) The M Initiative. I have a bit of a vision, and plan – inspired by specific events which I will explain at a later date. Right now let’s just say “man makes his plans and God guides his path” regarding the M Initiative.
Now on another note – the song “sorry babe” was actually started years ago when my wife and I were in a very big seemingly insurmountable fight. The opening line “she went out to get the mail, never came back and I never could tell…” kind of stood in the front of my mind demanding attention. I sketched a basic idea and moved on. Last week I had a new lyric about “the last coal flicker in the firelight” come to me while I was mowing the lawn…then I started hearing harmonicas and here we are. A good friend, (thanks Jim!) loaned me his harmonica set – and I stumbled my way through learning and recording for this song. For the record this song is not completely autobiographical – but I would be remiss to say I understand the inner workings of the muse, and how we are inspired, influenced and ultimately just plain hammer and tape things together for a result…. Today my wife and I are stronger than ever – but if you would have told me that then – I would have laughed in your face. Click the arrow or download as you prefer.

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  2. drhillNo Gravatar says:

    well thank you

  3. DCusaNo Gravatar says:

    Great, poppy, moody piece of work!

  4. theMACatkNo Gravatar says:

    LOVE IT! This is one of my favorites of all of your songs, it really hit me up close and personal. Wow!

  5. drhillNo Gravatar says:

    I appreciate you stopping in, having a listen and feeding back…

  6. lilbAnAnANo Gravatar says:


  7. JimmieHarmonicaNo Gravatar says:

    I LIKE IT! I started noting a few time marks in this piece to comment on as I favored those. Then, there became too many. Look forward to talking more and enjoying your work more. And, it sounded like you had a seasoned harmonica player next to you in your studio – – – but it was you! Wow!

  8. drhillNo Gravatar says:

    …lyrics are a comin…hey Jim! Thanks…really appreciate your swinging by and feeding back! Well – on the “seasoned” harmonica bit – if you had any idea how much work (how many takes in the studio) it was to get this you might be a little less impressed… 🙂

    I guess that is one thing I like about the studio wizardry…it helps me make the dreams I hear a reality…also, thank you so much for lending me your harmonica set..I should have it back to you this coming week.

  9. JimmieHarmonicaNo Gravatar says:

    Just had Paige listen to this. She heard the Drummer playing harmonica too!

  10. drhillNo Gravatar says:

    sweet! hope she liked it…I still have her recording on the drive…

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