new songs >im on my way, shes so damaged now

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Hello everyone, I hope your summer has been amazing and refreshing! I have been quite busy with a number of projects, but need to drop some new music here as an aural fyi…there has been quite a lot going on, but for the sake of brevity I will publish 2 new songs – and do a more detailed update later (you folks asking about the video and the drum project etc will be informed). So, first up is a song with nothing but acoustic guitar voice and a pad…I was asked about drums. Nope – not here. No percussion, no bass, weird huh? I had a music friend get quite into this, and he heard big things and wanted to redo / rework / collaborate with some pros down south, but he suddenly is moving to Corpus Christi, and I too will need to move on to check this thing off. Originally I was going to write a birthday thing – but it took a hard turn and I landed here.

ive been searching for a long long time
ive been longing for a better feeling

this old worlds been good denyin
this old world just keeps me reelin

im on my way
good Lord i pray

everybody loves a little sweet sunshine
through the darkness blindness stealin

deep in the forests of my life
good Lord Christ he brings me healin

over and over and over and over
i lay me down in the soft green clover

im on my way
good Lord i pray

your will be done
your kingdom come

well sometimes it seems that
im collecting broken dreams

but the truth be told – when old dreams die – new are born

some day soon im gonna see your face
like a man im fightin kneelin
la la la la la la…

…if you probably know from past projects – I have a tendency to swing back and forth on song styles i.e. quiet acoustic no drums melody focus…to big mongo drums with supple low end (try this with a nice sub), guitar, synths, vocal effects, noise and with lots o’ process which brings me to

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  1. DCusaNo Gravatar says:

    Nice…..truth! Heart exposed. Unusual for YOU to write a song void of percussion! What up widat? It’s a nice acoustic sound and could go many directions. Maybe this is the acoustic version of a more full orchestrated version? Or not. I hear violins and a harmonica and a solid but muted bass, possibly an upright?

  2. drhillNo Gravatar says:

    hmmmm sounds like a collaboration offer…. cool ideas – if ya wanna hook up and try let me know! Get an upright an comon over…SSDN might use some bass too, but it’ll be tricky with that sub bass / low verb going off of the kick on 1…open to tryin though.

  3. b_lundNo Gravatar says:

    Awesome! Great lyrics!

  4. drhillNo Gravatar says:

    thanks for listening…

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