only for you

well the sun went out

and the moon and the stars too

and old man time said wait

and the world it listened people finally understood

nothing would be the same

only for you will I wait


funny how at night when I close my eyes

I dream so deep yet I'm so surprised when I wake up

well the great big day of the wrath of the lamb has come

what's that in your eyes?

and the smoke and the glory and the power of the lord filled the temple now

why are you soo surprised?

oh my Lord I want to pray for your spirit

oh my Lord I want to pray I can hear you

oh my Lord I want to pray for the people

let the message ring out from the steeple

hallelu hallelu hallelujah hallelu hallelu hallelujah

oh praise the lord

chorus 2X

Babylon belonging in mystery

King of kings has judged true - and so I sing

chorus out


copyright sonifly 2008