someones by the front door

someone is out back

someones in the basement they're messin with the latch

someone glides across the floor effortless and free

someone watches as I eat they're looking right through me

someones in the bedroom

someone is upstairs

someone heard the phone ring

someone doesn't care

someone crawls into my bed underneath the sheets

someone sits upon my head and listens to me breathe

someones footprints on the step

someone all in black

someone in the garage they're messin with the sacks

someone stays up late all night

someone thinks they have the right

someone here more than a week

someone doesn't speak

someone again you go

someone yeah I think you know

someone incognito

someone just like this

someone stays when we go

someone licks to kiss

someones eyes are piercing n crawling around on fours

someone inside wants out they're sniffing by the doors

someone has a story

someone quickly bores

someone knows your every move

someone has nothing to prove

someone shows they like this groove

someone will behoove

someone will behoove

someone will behoove


copyright sonifly 2010