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Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012
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I pant for the music which is divine,
My heart in its thirst is a dying flower;
Pour forth the sound like enchanted wine,
Loosen the notes in a silver shower;
Like a herbless plain, for the gentle rain,
I gasp, I faint, till they wake again.

Let me drink of the spirit of that sweet sound,
More, oh more,—I am thirsting yet;
It loosens the serpent which care has bound
Upon my heart to stifle it;
The dissolving strain, through every vein,
Passes into my heart and brain.

As the scent of a violet withered up,
Which grew by the brink of a silver lake,
When the hot noon has drained its dewy cup,
And mist there was none its thirst to slake—
And the violet lay dead while the odour flew
On the wings of the wind o’er the waters blue—

As one who drinks from a charmed cup
Of foaming, and sparkling, and murmuring wine,
Whom, a mighty Enchantress filling up,
Invites to love with her kiss divine…

music news

Friday, September 11th, 2009
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currently I am at 11 songs mastered of 12 possible for the cd. I am in the process of putting together a title and art. I like ‘hopes run high’ as a title, but this and the art are still up in the air. There is a lot going on behind the scenes – kind of like a duck you see gently floating on the water – but underneath the legs are wildly flailing. I am working on 2 new songs – one drum centered called ‘hotbed’ which is a new orleans style thing…and another jazzy styled song without lyrics – which will be a first foray into a pseudo jazzy genre for yours truly. Hope you all are having a great day!


Wednesday, July 29th, 2009
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This song has changed quite a bit since inception. Being that I am about to consider this version more or less done – I want to share a little on the background to the song. Some time ago I had a strange dream – where I was tempted to do something, and this temptation was more or less staring me in the eyes with black invitation…and my response (in my dream) was to scream, shout, sing “the joy of the Lord is my strength”…over and over – until my lips and face were tingling. I don’t know if you have ever shouted, sang or yelled very – very hard, as hard as you can for a long time – but that was what I did. And then I woke up to the still of my bedroom. My wife was sound asleep – and not a creature was stirring. I was perplexed. Why in the world would I respond like that? What did it mean? Over the next few days in thinking and praying and weighing it out the thought suddenly occurred to me that indeed the joy of the Lord is my strength. When I have joy in my walk with God I am not as interested in sinful desires. Sin is – in essence – seeking satisfaction and pleasure. When I have satisfaction and pleasure in my walk with God I am better able to defend myself against the lies of the enemy – especially since all sin ends in death and shame – we can better defend against the reality of the temptation. I am ‘strong’ against the enemy. Thomas Aquinas said – and I believe I wrote elsewhere here on the blog – “we are designed for delight, and if we do not get our delight in the proper things (i.e. – our walk with God) we will seek it in carnal pleasures”… the seed for the song joy is that principal. I have really redone a large portion of this song; new drums, new guitar, new (real) horns, new gospel choir and soloists, removed a lot of original instruments, dropped the drum solo (which I may do with a guitar solo in an extended version remix..), enjoy


well I’m on fire – this is true
for the Lord – how about you
I got my reason – and I got no doubt
I got the Holy Spirit – and I’m a gonna shout

King of Kings – Lord of Lords
mercy on me – have mercy Lord
Lord deliver – Lord remake,
gonna celebrate – I’m a gonna celebrate

joy of the lord is my strength – He has become my salvation

well everybody – far and wide
you can run – and you can hide
but you can’t ever get away from this…
the good Lords love – he ain’t ever gonna miss

shining brightly – for all to see
everywhere for you and me
don’t you worry – and don’t you fret
cause you ain’t seen nothing yet

chorus 2X

well bang that drum – play that chord
make a new noise – unto the Lord
wanna praise my King – wanna praise my King
wanna let him know – wanna sing wanna sing
let everybody – have hands collide
gonna put some beats on the floor it’s time

joy of the Lord is my strength He has become my salvation 4x

in the studio

Thursday, June 18th, 2009
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recording some guide tracks for a new song, also working on joy – which as mentioned earlier has gone in a somewhat new direction. I have a bunch of songs and tunes I am figuring out the best way to approach – especially with licensing looming and aspects of usability needing to enter into the equation. I suppose this is the question anyone who makes anything will have to grapple with…sounds commercial – but it has to be done to a certain degree by anyone who wishes to make an income.