the crossroads

oh little willy couldn't get himself a clue

how to get a woman so he figured what he'd do

is head on down to the forest next to olsons old farm

a deal with the devil he was thinkin would do no harm

oh little willy the wind did sigh

if you want a woman there's gonna be a price

i ain't got no money for to pay your devils fee

i ain't got no nuthin but little old me

little old willy has a soul that will do

just sign here in blood and get your woman brand new

oh no willy (2X)

so willy signed got his girl and felt a little burn

everywhere he went the heads would turn

one day however things turned for the worse

all day long the woman screamed villified and cursed

she rode willy like he was a little mule

the only thing she said was willy youre a fool

the strain from all the hate finally proved willys doom

one dark day he snapped they put him in a rubber room

willy lost his mind and he lost his soul

instead of love the devil gave him one big black hole

the devil gave him one big black hole

they say you know a devils deal is a deal for a fool

well he should have known - if he would have hung out a little longer for the Lord

who knows where this thing would have gone

the Lord man

the Lord knows what he needs and has everyone his provisions

willy had his lust and had to get his thing

and he couldn't turn back

oh no willy (2X)



copyright sonifly 2010