the M initiative…

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this is the iconic M I am thinking of representing the initiative. The “M” logo if you will. Not sure yet – I might have a friend design a better one, I’ll seek his opinion on the matter. M is for many things;
Minnesota, music, Roman number M=1000, magnificent, marginal, motivated, miraculous, mirthful, massive, moot, monstrous, money, AND MORE!!!!! And, well, this – my friends is just the tip of the M initiative iceberg…with winter in MN coming you know there is more to the story – and more will be forthcoming. In the meantime do you like this M?

the M initiative icon

the M initiative icon

3 Responses to “the M initiative…”

  1. DCusaNo Gravatar says:

    I like it. What do you mean by M initiative? I see this listed on your latest group of songs.

  2. richaNo Gravatar says:

    It is interesting. What about tweaking it?

  3. kathyj18No Gravatar says:

    Neat! It looks old like someone spent a long time making it!

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