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… just finished a new song “someshine”

Thursday, December 13th, 2018
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I wanted to post a video to go along with it, which I am shooting – the spinning plates however threaten to fall!… also just finished making a snare drum out of a maple log from a neighbors tree… I wanted to post some video of that too since it will be fun to show from log to groove – but alas only so many hours in a day! I’m getting ready to study Revelation – which I felt inspired to do after reading Jeremiah and Lamentations and saw multiple references to Babylon and so am really anticipating the parse!!! On that note I will end with a salient quote from GKC “…though St. John the Evangelist saw many strange monsters in his vision, he saw no creature so wild as one of his own commentators.”

How true… how true.

new song and video > facebook kid

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017
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facebook_kidfnl from david hill on Vimeo.

OK so this song is a laugh about our modern emphasis on virtual relationships… don’t get me wrong – I like virtual technology, it is just strange to see so many people standing next to people in real life – but staring into their phones, oblivious to their surroundings. I have seen families of 4 at dinner tables in restuarants with each person staring into their phone…it’s ridiculous. The “Facebook Kid” is the one that is probably a little carried away with the virtual if you know what I mean. The Facebook max for friends is 5000, but I doubt I have 5 friends I could really rely on in the absolute worst of times… just sayin. I got the idea for this song while floating on a boat completely offline in every way shape and form. I did the one man band thing – and thought a video would be good to shoot as well. Green screens are fun because you can put whatever you want in the background – and I did. I shot the video in my dining room and driveway in direct sun – so it has some nice detail.facebook kid (audio only)

I’m the facebook kid, I feel fine

I got 5000 friends up to minute timeline

My cat just went viral I’m social dude

Got myself emojis no matter what the mood

I’m the facebook kid

I’m the facebook kid can you relate, all these ladies and I can’t get a date

24/7 I’m found online, the thumbs up baby its my bread its my wine

Here’s my latest selfie, my latte art, my over filtered sunset – yeah that’s just a start

Cause what’s really screaming, I’m sure you’ll agree – is arguing politics we watch on TV

I’m the facebook kid

la la la la la la la 





quick update >

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017
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soooo lots going on…but you wouldn’t know by my posts! I was recently brought on-board to write a screenplay for a movie contest…how did that come about – you ask? Basically I wrote a short piece of fiction in a comment section of a blog, and it was believable enough for a local movie dude (who has won some awards) to contact me and ask for more … which I did (the subsequent terrific feedback hasn’t hurt either). Screenplays are a bit tricky – you don’t just say >>JANE says “WHAT”<< You say >>Jane looks coldly at Jim, she raises both hands in the sky – the camera pans in quickly while a jungle beat pulsates – Jane says WHAT while storming toward Jim<<....know what I mean?? Also I will be doing the soundtrack and theme song... having a blast with it. It is my first full blown movie project where so many of my interests collide. The movie itself will only be about 8 minutes long - and I will write more as I progress, but it has been a hoot so far.

I have been drumming a lot locally in churches, and am working with a few different music projects. I recently picked up a vintage 60’s era Rogers Holiday drum kit and some very sweet Zildjian K’s – Imma say it loud and proud – this kit sounds so buttery, focused and fine…(as they say) kid you not…I’ve got drool marks all over the place and I haven’t even got it all set up yet…it has been said Ludwig has it and Gretsch has it – but Rogers Holiday IS IT! One new addition is a 24″ Zildjian K Light Ride – puttin the OOh in my LALA 🙂 Further I am revamping a whole bunch of music studio stuff, new trigger configurations, new mic implementations, new software, new synths, lots of new music / songs… I really should post more knowhatimean? I know, Instagram and such – right? Photos – right? And to think I’ve been a professional photographer with work @ Disney Epcot and Kodak Gallery Award blah blah blah – can’t even get Instagram off the ground… LOL!

Let’s see – I am on letter 815 of Vincent Van Gogh… and that too has been an eye popper. He is basically in an insane asylum in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence France ATM… he recently cut off his ear… the whole story is so heartbreaking, and to think as he sits in the asylum he says;

“However, melancholy very often overtakes me with great force, and besides, the more my health returns to normal the more my mind is capable of reasoning very coldly, the more to do painting that costs us so much and doesn’t bring in anything, not even the cost of producing them, seems madness to me, a thing completely against reason. Then I feel utterly sad, and the bad thing is that at my age it’s darned difficult to start again with something else.”

Not realizing his paintings would eventually command the highest prices in the history of art – and today – even his tiniest scribbles sell for a cool million. Yet there he was October 1889, alone, semi-motivated, fighting for his sanity, ignored (generally) by the art community, and utterly broke / broken. I am in the last months of his life – it is roughly a 9 months from today (in the letters) that he commits suicide. In Holland (where he is from) and in the art world in general he is a hero and a genius. The dichotomy is breathtaking.

I have been offered an exclusive deal with Jingle Punks which is cool…. dunno if I even mentioned this before. Anyway – that’s it for now – catch ya’ll on the flip-side!

new song > you lay me down

Friday, July 18th, 2014
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ahhh yes…dreams. Do you remember yours? According to those that study dreams, if we spend about 1/3 of our lives sleeping, and we live to be about 80 years old, that would mean we spend about 26 years sleeping. On an average night a person dreams between 4-6 separate dream sequences. The dreams can last between 5-30 minutes. So a person can spend about 6 years of their life dreaming. There is a ton of research on dreams, and, to be honest, there is a lot of bad information / psychology / opinion on dreams. Dreams are mysterious…why don’t we remember most of them? What do they mean? Color or black and white? Why is my dog running and snarling in its sleep? Anyway, I am not really interested in the “professional” studies in dreams, been there and done that and found much of it unedifying. I find a good nights rest and dreams a blessing. Dreams can have meaning and can be used by God, and there can be times where dreams don’t make any sense…but like anything mysterious there needs to be a dose of common sense and wisdom applied in order to remain healthy. It is a little like what CS Lewis said in his preface to screwtape letters regarding devils;

“There are two equal and opposite errors into which our race can fall about the devils. One is to disbelieve in their existence. The other is to believe, and to feel an excessive and unhealthy interest in them. They themselves are equally pleased by both errors and hail a materialist or a magician with the same delight.”
– C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters

You can completely disregard dreams, or you can be obsessed in an unhealthy way – both would be a mistake (IMO). It seems as mysterious as dreams are, they are influenced by many different things – including spiritual entities. I’ve had re-occuring dreams of flight, mostly by using my arms and gliding on existing wind. One dream that I’ve had repeatedly is that I’m running toward a beach on a slightly elevated cliff, and as the cliff edge approaches I spread my arms and glide out over the water like a seagull. If I mismanage the angle or wind current I become troubled that I will fall. I have had these flight dreams in woods with wind funnels. I have also had horrific nightmares. Sometimes I’ve dreamt things that I have done, or decided to do in a dream, that in my waking moment I’d have never even considered. What does it mean? I am not sure. One thing is certain in my experience; being right with the Lord tends to bring good sleep and dreams. There is so much mystery in life. Dreams, visions, spiritual experiences, the psyche…it is easy to become lost in the forests of the mind, but I believe Christ would have us willing adventurers with Him in exploring life and submitting the messages and meanings to Him in order that we may serve Him better! So – this song “you lay me down” is essentially about that in between world of dreams and sleep. There is a lot of ambient space and use of “subtractive sound” to imply depth and allow breadth. The song itself has been done and sitting finished for weeks, but I wanted to do a video. The only camera I had was a cheap low resolution powershot this time around – and night time photography has a whole host of issues and limitations, so even though it all has a low fi visual feel, at least it’s done…I don’t know why I feel compelled to do visuals sometimes…anyway – for your listening pleasure you lay me down, mp3 followed by various movie formats for your devices, and, the lyrics below all of that.
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Quicktime file you lay me down
ipad file you lay me down

you lay me down

I walk alone in the light of the moon imagining
and sense you here with me feeling peace
the golden sunset passed away on the purple sea
a vision shared so deep so serene

ah you lay me down (x2)

I guess it’s something that I think and half to trust
but oh my very heart dear God should lie
spread to the light clean clear of mire, and of rust
and like a sponge drink deep sweet light divine

ah you lay me down (x2)

will some things one day turn to dreams?
will some dreams some day turn to fact?

I have had dreams of such delight just of grass
flowers and wind a peak marble white
they dwell in me like things that are half come to pass
true prophecies when I with you am right

ah you lay me down (x4)


sorry babe video

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011
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sorry babe – this is a first crack at having real actors / actresses sort of act out a song I wrote. We basically got together on short notice and improvised everything. We ended up at a local dance and had a hard time finding a stranger to dance – but fortunately there were 2 brave souls that volunteered (m. Lopez and another)…to Umar and Denise (actor / actress) – you both did a great job…and dancers too, I wish I had your names to put here :-), thank you so much for your patience! I posted 4 versions – one regular small, one “glow”small, one “paint”small (because I always like to play with effects), one big fat higher definition Quick Time movie, and one small QT….this project took longer than I planned to finish – and even now – there are things I see needing work – but I must let it go. I apologize to all of you who were wondering why it was taking so long to finish – but hopefully you are pleased with the final result.

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Quicktime big 225MB
Quicktime small 45MB

new video and music bit – vox luma

Sunday, May 1st, 2011
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this music was laying around in a folder and reared its head while I was working on something else (so what else is new). I really wanted to finish it, and decided to go ahead and assemble a little video. Vocoders, edgy drums, arpeggiated synths and even a djembe solo on the outro…funny side story on the edit; I was mixing down the djembe and had a guitar fuzz effect on it – literally screaming, but backed off and decided on a “supermarket speaker” reverb… a little more lo-fi. If I use that fuzz later I’ll explain more, it will be cool in the right setting. Anyway, the vocals are run through a vocoder, and I wanted to see if I could do a rappish, scat thing but keep the musical key through the vocoder…I think it is ok. I like the burnt glow video thing – and am hoping to tweak it some more on other stuff. The video is about 1 1/2 minutes…I have also posted a “mov” file for those of you using a stock i-pad (flashless) – but I will tell you this, the .mov is about 50 megs, and the flash 17 megs…ummm – not complicated math there. So anyway – enjoy ok?

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new video > down to my knees

Sunday, February 20th, 2011
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I asked my label about doing some interpretive videos – and they said, and I quote, “we don’t have the money”. Remaining undaunted I spoke to Kaylee, (my daughter) about shooting some footage I might be able to use. She was open – but since we don’t have a proper video recorder – we had to use our canon powershot, which is actually a still camera with video options, and that means that we lose some detail in the process. Great, now we need a location “how about b-works” someone suggested…well – b-works is my trusty basement studio / lab, and well, that was as good of an idea as any. So my friends – here you have down to my knees which was an October release in my wallop series. I have included the lyrics here, since I never did on the original release. This is the first of what I hope will be many new videos to come…the lyrics are below the video, just click the arrow and stream.

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down to my knees

bright shining love like the stars above me
yeah this I know is true
deep waves of power over me tower over me
whats a man – whats a man to do
birds taking flight beasts run with might
wonders they abound so and as I kneel
and as I fall I’m struck to feel
Im struck to feel my king so profound

you bring me down to my knees
na na na na na na na na…

and all this world man woman pushin shovin
provin now baby now what they gonna do
and as I look and as I run and as I look and find
now more more more what you going through

well breathe breathe breathe breathe breathe the pain
oh no more more what you gotta do
and I live and I live oh deep inside
I open my eyes and bring heal

you bring me down to my knees
na na na na na na na na…


as I’m going down I’m going to praise you
as I’m going down I’m going to praise you
when I’m going down I’m going to praise you
I lift off my crown – God I want to thank you.