wednesday wallop #13 > deep blue sea

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ahhhh spring. Don’t you love it? This time of year gets a lot of folks outside. It is a funny thing being a musician, we spend a lot of time indoors, in basements, in darkened studios, in clubs lacking sun, or into the night…so it is. I have not done a whole lot of outdoor gigs. I think I have done probably less than 50 outdoor gigs, mostly festivals. The biggest festivals I have done were Flevo in Netherlands and Joy in Belgium (10 – 30 thousand). I did play Sonshine a few years ago – but we were put on a flatbed on the back 40 somewhere (10 – 30 total…no thousands)…I also played a cow pasture once – I think it was just the band and roadies for that one…anyway – what am I trying to say? Well – “deep blue sea” is a wavy, sail, boat n underwater maybe a tad beachy concoction…perky percussion…scat chorus…break beats. What – you may ask – do break beats have to do with the outdoors? Can’t say really – I am just trying to tie this all together. I have a “sinking” down vocal that is a result of some processing – I can’t go this low naturally, but you probably knew that. This song also features a vocal / instrumental melt down on the bridge that was so wrong it ended up being right. It was so bad it was good. That’s my opinion anyway – it’s not like I have to convince a label to release it (ha ha hah)…ahem, so, please enjoy, I mean – after all – there is a lot of noisy, angry, tense, frustrating, hateful sounds going around…this isn’t one of them…

deep blue sea

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    …one never knows what one will get when one checks out your wallop…V cool ! Keep us guessing 🙂

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