wednesday wallop #40> down to my knees

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wow – the big 40, what a moment. Please just pause and take this in with me…. … ….. 40 in the wallop countdown….. quite momentous isn’t it? Glad you are here to share it with me. this week we veer into crunchy guitars, slappin bass, gratuitous synth, lots o toms and double kick (actually single kick with a floor tom played double style). For you musos, some of my favorite rock drummers played 2 kicks, Morgenstein, Peart, Phillips – but alas – I sold my double kick Tama mahogony with mongo thick shells…alas alas – that was years ago – now I try to cover it with one bass drum. I have 2 tunes that approach the busy double kick thing – this one (on outro) and skruds cacophony in A, which I don’t believe I have released, might , might not – gotta see how the wind blows yaknow? Gotta check with my label… 🙂 ok ok – this weeks song for your streaming pleasure down to my knees

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  2. drhillNo Gravatar says:

    glad you like it

  3. \kylej/No Gravatar says:

    Phillips? Who is is that?

  4. gr8grrlNo Gravatar says:

    Why don’t you have any lyrics anywhere for this song?

  5. drhillNo Gravatar says:

    coming right up – i do have them written – just not digital

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