wednesday wallop #42 > what?

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appropriately titled…was working on a drum only concoction called “drumalanche” until about 11:30 today – went away and came back and just gave a colossal shrug. Started writing another song with music and lyrics – and after a good start set it aside with a sigh…what is it? ‘dunno – this weeks wallop was hard to land on and ‘am afraid it is a failure – my attempt was a low fi synth squibkick…a better man, a better artist would shelve the whole thing, heck – a better artist would have seen the preposterous proposal of my “purview” > a song a week – but my friends – we are in the final 10 – and the music- for what it is worth must play on…the muse must rise and spark…the the…well you know the song must stream, so here is what?

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