yesterdays thoughts

a morning clear with frosty light

from sunbeams late and low

the shine upon the snow so white

and shine back from the snow

from icy spears a drop will run

not fall in the afternoon

it shines a diamond from the sun

an opel from the moon

when the evening comes

and the day is done

we will light the fire

we will laugh and sing

praises to our King

Holy Ghost inspired

and when the bright sad sun is low

behind the mountain dome

a twilight wind will come and blow

all around the childrens home

and waft about the powdery snow

as night dim footsteps pass

but waiting in its grave below

green lies the summer grass


and the keen cold air

sparkles there

glitter of the snow

winter day

to night gives way

joyously we grow

as we pray for love

as we pray for rain

winter of our poverty

winter of the good Lords reign



copyright be-works 2013