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It has been an interesting couple of weeks, and as usual a daily plan and adventure moves into things unexpected. First I would like to mention some of the music coming through the pipeline. Recently I spoke to a friend that is in a very rough place. Without too much detail, I found myself thinking, praying and eventually writing a song about his circumstances. I hesitate to say much about that song right now, because I have a separate entry I would like to publish when the song goes out…the entry will be around our human beings composition of ½ mechanical and ½ mysterious…the song itself is based loosely on vicious circles, and I have an interesting metaphor which I hope will support the video I am making with a talented local actor and actress (really – you can see ‘m on TV and stuff). While this project alone might be considered a full enough plate, a couple of days ago I wrote something called “lord of the dust heap” which was inspired from a book I downloaded last week. IMO the book probably had an influence on CS Lewis writing Skrewtape Letters. You can download the book free for your kindle (or whatever you prefer) here; The dialogues of devils : on the many vices which abound in the civil and religious world (1832). Lord of the dust heap is an ugly, bizarre, oozing, cacophony of sonic assault, and the phrase itself was in the book I linked to, FYI, I hope to have the song out in the next couple of days, not that you’ll want to listen to it or anything…just sayin :-).Finally, regarding the post title, I have been looking at the etymology behind music. Music (which is from the Greek muses)…and the real beginning of our musical heritage which springs from Jubal, who was the father of all who handle the harp and organ. I believe there are some deep and meaningful implications to us who minister in music. It is curious to me the kernel connections between prophesy in its primitive root, inspiration, and what we as musicians do and feel when we create and perform, especially worship – and how this all ties into what we reveal and declare (i.e. word of God to man). That being said, this applies in both profane and holy circumstances. When looking at the Hebrew lexicon for naba (primitive root for prophesy) you will find (when you scroll down and expand the definition )both divine inspiration when singing under divine influence when praising God, and being mad (false prophets). Naturally a study of priest will entail much as well, even if we don’t acknowledge it openly, we are very much involved in important ways in undertaking ones cause, be it God or the devil…like it or not…but this is a topic I hope to follow up on another day. I would just close by saying as a musician in worship you as a vessel would be far more important to prepare than the music. Does this negate the music preparation? Of course not – but if your “main” concern is the notes – you are misguided.

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