ahhh the waning days of 2011

Christmas, year end goals, business of many varieties and an eye on 2012 eh? I hope you all have been having a great holiday season – and look forward to a blessed Christmas as well. I have been busy writing and adding to my licensing library…and have had a fairly wide and wild variety of songs get checked off as of late…a bunch of Christmas public domain songs with Trina, Star Spangled Banner, my first foray into blues with “Corrupt Politician Blues”, which I will probably post here in the next days. If time allows I’ll crank out a video just for giggles. I purchased a guitar harp at an estate sale for a very good price (instrument is circa 1890’s)… I also picked up a very deep soft synth which I will be implementing and blogging on in the upcoming weeks. I really do hope you and yours are enjoying a great time of peace, reflection and celebration as we thank the Lord for His goodness in providing us the greatest gift of all in the birth of Jesus Christ. I find it so amazing that we can know our Creator on a personal level…and be allowed to co-create in myriad ways.

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