alas my little yahoo media player…

well – yahoo certainly choked on the pulling of their media player…it seems they were too committed to Flash technology and decided to just dump the whole deal…pulled into a dark alley in the dead of night with the media player wriggling and squirming in the trunk – mouth taped shut…steam rises from the gutter, cats screech as the dark hooded figure bludgeons the player and drops it into a garbage bin where the poor player is eventually whisked away – over time decomposing in the great code vortex in the cloud. Actually its all good – because it forced me to update my site and add a fancy schmancy html5 enabled player that will be MOBILE…yeah baby – but I haven’t used the new player with a phone or ipad yet…what this means is all of my music links on the music page show song title as download until I fix…so don’t try to download yet – all will be good in the end…and if you do get a solid lead on the whereabouts of the YAHOO MEDIA PLAYER – contact your local authorities… a very bizarre and shoulder shrugging end to a nice little piece of code.

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Have you ever considered writing fiction? Your story has legs.


well – I have written stories but songs aren’t exactly classified as fiction or non 🙂

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