album cover and thoughts on diligence

well – I was talking to Kaylee (my daughter) about art and she showed me some very cool stuff she was making. One image was a charcoal drawing heart with a kind of flame coming out, another was charcoal leave drawings…I think she got the charcoal from our fire pit in the back yard. It was really nice stuff. I am debating using the heart image for the album, then using Josh’s image later – since his image is a lot more involved and could take potentially weeks more. I really want to check off this album thing – since it is a ‘bundle’ so to speak, of songs, and having it tied together in a statement, on cd – will allow me to move on to the next thing. I have a very large collection of lyrics, musical sketches and assignments that need to be dealt with, but I have a kind of sequential affliction. What I mean by this is sometimes I feel an urge to tie things up, finish them, before starting new things. There is a proverb I believe that is something to this effect; something finished is better than something started. I have also been writing articles weekly for The Examiner and this routine of somewhat forced deadline writing of the articles has gotten me thinking of a similar kind of thing for music. In a similar way to writing an article, what would happen if I wrote a song a week too? I would have roughly 52 songs and 52 articles at the years end…hmmmmmmmmmm.

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