Are you a Christian pacifist? Perhaps you should consider;

the conscientious objector takes as his standard, not the Cross—which is a cruel thing, a thing which sheds blood and blasts life—but the teachings of Jesus, which have no meaning apart from His Cross, consequently he is in danger of becoming a bloodless kind of individual. Immediately you come face to face with realities there has to be war to the death. It is absurd to call Christianity a system of non-resistance; the great doctrine of Christianity is resistance “unto blood?” against sin. If a man does not resist physically it is only in order that he may resist all the more morally; where moral resistance does not tell, then physical resistance must. Take Our Lord Himself, we read that He went into the Temple and cast out them that sold and bought, overthrew the tables of the money-changers, and in a voice of thunder ordered the whole crowd out. Is He the “meek and mild and gentle Jesus” there? Up to the time of the war we had a Christianity that had lost the element of fight, the element of grit and judgment; the war has brought back these elements. There is something appalling about human life, and if we make our own private conscience the standard and remain in the offing on the conscientious line, we shall come under the curse of Meroz who “came not to the help of the Lord . . . against the mighty.” My aim is not to be the saving of my own soul, getting myself put right for heaven, but battling to the death for what the Cross of Christ stands for. The great thing is not the teaching of Jesus, but what He came to do for the human race, viz., to make the way back to God. It cost Him His life to do it, and the writer to the Hebrews says, “ Consider Him . . . lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds. Ye have not yet resisted unto blood, striving against sin.” Have I got the iron of the Cross of Christ into my conscience, or am I a weak sentimentalist, kind and generous, but with nothing of the nature of the Cross in me? Is there anything in me that would go to the death for Jesus Christ’s sake, or do I easily knuckle under because I base all on the teachings of Jesus instead of on His Cross? Conscientiousness is an ingredient in human nature, but the first and foremost relationship in Christianity is the sovereign preference for Jesus Christ.

Chambers, O. 1996, c1947. Biblical ethics. Marshall, Morgan & Scott: Hants UK

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Scathe meic Beorh

Perhaps you should listen to Jesus instead of his fallible servant Oswald Chambers.


I do both…and find startling consistency…would I be going out on a limb to say you are pacifist?

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