Art of the Housebook Master

One of the finest early engravers was an anonymous artist known as the Housebook Master because scholars have linked his work with drawings in the same style in a manuscript called the Hausbuch. Here is an excerpt from an online encyclopedia;

Master of the Housebook (Meister des Hausbuchs), fl. 1475–1500, German graphic artist. The master is named for a series of vigorous and sophisticated drawings of everyday life found in the Hausbuch at Castle Wolfegg. Many of his engravings are in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. His work is thought to have influenced Bosch, Bruegel, and Dürer.

Personally I love what little of his work I have seen…especially the informality, and I have included 3 pieces of his work here for your enjoyment; Death and Youth, A Dog Scratching Itself and The Holy Family. You can click each image to enlarge it.
death and youth small
dog scratching itself small
the holy family small

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