…as long as it is called Today…

Hebrews 3:13 mentions the importance of encouraging each other daily – in order that we don’t become hardened by the deceit of sin. In both the King James and New International the Today part is capitalized. It is the email equivalent of TODAY. I take it as a shout. Right now! This moment. Immediately. Most of our anxieties come from thinking of tomorrow, or the past – and we spend surprisingly little time actually ‘in the moment’, and as mentioned before by many wiser men than I, this moment is the one thing you have some power over. Further – the way you are this moment is a pretty good indication of how you will be later in upcoming moments, days, weeks, or months. I remember reading in a letter a well known author had written to his daughter the following (here I quote);

“I don’t think I am very ambitious except the strong desire ‘to go where I am’ be ambition….”

I think today the common experience is to be fixed on our ambitions, while the moments slip by in anxiety and apprehension. We focus on where we are not, we refuse to acknowledge and reflect on where we are. Sin causes us to be deceived even more than when we first take the forbidden thing or suffer from unbelief. The longing for the future in this case can actually be a desire to escape the uneasiness of the now, the today. It is a deceit that some thing or experience in the future will relieve you – when you know deep down relief will only come by obedience to God. So – as long as it is today call out to God. You have now – what makes you so sure you have tomorrow? Repent, and whatever the thing or sin is that stands between you and God, Christ himself will help you deal with. Do it now, cry for help, and the Lord will meet you here today, and help you in your struggle against the enemy the devil. Ask for the Holy Spirit, Luke 11:13, and get into the habit of seeking first the kingdom of heaven and His righteousness as long as it is called Today.

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