Asaph jammed on the cymbals


There has been some discussion over the years of just exactly what constitutes “proper” music in the church. My contribution to this discussion / argument would be “it depends”. I have been reading through Chronicles, and was especially struck by 1 Chronicles 31, where King David assigns musicians to minister in the tent of the tabernacle, before Solomon built the temple. He made specific appointments of those who should minister in the service of song (service of song has a nice ring to it…). 2 names come to the front; Heman and his associate Asaph.

If you want to look at the commentary I was reading go here and scroll through the bit mentioned above (1 Chronicles 31). Apparently Heman and Asaph were well known and busy ministers accomplishing Gods will in various ceremonies and locations. Anyway, in 1 Chronicles 16:5 when David brought the Ark Of The Covenant into Jerusalam Asaph was the “Chief” of the music celebration….and he ” made a sound with the cymbal”, so if anyone ever tells you drums don’t belong in church, they are sharing an opinion, rather than a command from God. All too often people use their personal tastes in music to define a rigid church standard. To all of you drummers out there (and really, any music maker / minister) – make your sound with zeal! 🙂

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BUT…A cymbal is not a drum! OHHHHHHHHHHH!


Well, the timbrel is also mentioned in various spots, which is a lot like our modern tambourine. You could argue if there was a drum head on that I suppose…

At any rate, I guess if you don’t think a drum belongs in worship, you shouldn’t use one.

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