back in the USA…kind of

physically at least. It was a wobbly return to say the least. Actually everything was fine until Chicago.
1) Our luggage was lost.

2) I was confused with another David Hill and separated from my family for questioning…they never said what the other David Hill did, but they did apologize to me for the mistaken identity.

3) Our flight from Chicago to Mpls. was delayed then canceled.

4) Because of the impending storm, heading straight for Chicago – they got us out asap – which meant the only option they gave us was to go to Duluth.

5) The only rental company with a car in Duluth was Hertz – and the only car they had (a Toyota) was $556.00 for a one way to Mpls. No, this is not a typo, I guess it was a privately owned car or something (can you say scam? I knew you could).

6) Rick Ayyyy (THE MAN!) saved the day – driving up to get us, starting at 7:30 p.m., and then getting home at about 2:30 a.m.
I was so tired on the drive my eyes literally started to cross, as I fought to stay awake, I could just imagine how Rick felt with the storm and driving conditions. The return trip took about 30 hours. One of the roughest jaunts I have ever had. I have to tip my hat to my wife and family – they are amazing “can do” travelers…an attitude that made the whole experience a good one.

After a couple hours sleep – the kids are in school, my wife went to get Jeb, I plan on shoveling, drumming, working on the next song, and hopefully getting my examiner article out.


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Mark Deisinger

Glad to hear you’re back safely. Bad air trips can be harrowing.


Appreciate it Mark – the good news is they have located our luggage – came into Chicago from Madrid today…

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