On enemy ground

Screwtape  twists the gift of pleasure :  Never forget that when we are dealing with any pleasure in it’s healthy and normal and satisfying form, we are, in a sense, on the Enemy’s ground. I know we have one many a soul through pleasure. All the same, it is His  invention, not ours.  He made

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Father of me, thou art my bliss secure.

Make of me, maker, whatsoe’er thou wilt. Let fancy’s wings hang moulting, hope grow poor, And doubt steam up from where a joy was spilt– I lose no time to reason it plain and clear, But fly to thee, my life’s perfection dear:– Not what I think, but what thou art, makes sure. GM

Man’s highest action is to reach up higher,

Stir up himself to take hold of his sire. Then best I love you, dearest, when I go And cry to love’s life I may love you so As to content the yearning, making love, That perfects strength divine in weakness’ fire, And from the broken pots calls out the silver dove. GM

on the outside looking in >

I recently watched the movie Standing In The Shadow Of Motown. The entire movie was good, though I was a little less into the guest spot cameos of people covering the hits (Bootsy on bass > oh yeah – singing classic Motown? not so much). There was a lot of talk in the movie how

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thoughts on what it means to bless

not too long ago I heard a sermon by a man that got me thinking about the concept of being blessed, or more specifically – what the meaning of “bless” actually is. Why? I dunno actually – I think a statement was made at some point in the sermon about making room for blessings as

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JRR Tolkien on sermons >

But as for sermons! They are bad, aren’t they! Most of them from any point of view. The answer to the mystery is prob. not simple; but part of it is that ‘rhetoric’ (of which preaching is a dept.) is an art, which requires (a) some native talent and (b) learning and practice. The instrument

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New Song! hear the drum