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I was reading recently a writer that described God as the creative core. He (George Macdonald) said that we can better call poets “finders”- since the ideas we “get”are found and given to us from God. I so agree with this. “Why…” he adds “…are you so surprised by the idea, if it was yours you would expect it?” Essentially the problem is a lot of artists and creative types are proud (along with anyone else that denies God) – and blind and don’t want to acknowledge that every last idea and every possibility of executing it are gifts straight from the loving heart of a loving Lord that enjoys co-creation. A lot of wise Christian writers talk about doing our Christian duty (in whatever context God gives you your role)…but I am finding my ideas in music to be like”assignments”. I get an idea (much like everyone does in almost every phase of every service man could do for another from ditch digger to city planner) and it is now my; job, duty, responsibility – to finish the work as unto Him. We all use our imagination (to make an image in our mind of things yet to be), and it is incumbent on us to do so in a way that God approves. Let us not be like the silly, deluded, blind, proud that deny God and his loving gifts, that start in our deepest depths. And more – if God gives us an assignment – do you think he will fall short of resources to help us complete it? Include God in the process and rely on him for direction – and may your ideas flourish!

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