do you like this demo?

a bit of a joke – listen for the prerecorded voice telling me I need to buy the synth – its a soft synth – tune written 1 off errrrr very quick like – and I have not purchased the synth…but it sounds cool right? – whatever…I do like the drums though…even though my tom mikes were off..ummm. 🙂

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I like this demo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lol – horrible time man! horrible!


it is kinda funny though since so much of your stuff here is quite tight.


yeah I know right? when was the last time you heard something like this? sloppy work in progress one off tentative whatever thingy? hmmm maybe there is more to this story.

Devon Anthony Johnson

Like the concept!


Hey Devon! Thanks for checkin it out – I’ll probably rework this into something with more polish – but like to throw up sketches too! Saw your site – cool stuff meng…very cool. ps – the car is a rockin! 🙂

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New Song! hear the drum