There has been some interest in my past projects, different bands I have worked in, equipment I use etc. Here is some info;

1) I play a Ludwig drum set, drum sizes: 10×13 / 16×16 Floor / 16 x 18 Floor / 16×26 Bass / 6.5×14 Snare. I also use a GMS bell brass (4X14 +/-) and a Noble Cooley (5X14+/-)..I have (and have used) different electronic stuff, Akai MPD 16, XD-5, Simmons Trixer, Octapad 8, Zildjian hats (mastersound) ride (17″) china (19″), loads of softstuff…I use Barcus Barry and Sure mics – with the occasional akg414.

2) I have worked with a lot of different bands and artists. The Dan H Band was my most involved – and personal favorite, We ended up working with Warner Bros records and doing the “you gonna be a staaaaar” thing, it was a real hoot. We spent time in many world class recording facilities, among them; Paisley Park, Ardent, Wisselord. Dan, Trent and Marty were incredible road warriors, and great musicians, and they all continue on to this day in various aspects of the music biz. Here is a link  to some live concert footage.

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