epic computer crash…

…well my friends, I had a rather unusual computer crash of epic proportions recently…it was in my main studio rig. I have spent the last days re-designing,  re-installing, re-registering, re-tweaking, re-configuring, re-animating, re-gurgitating, re-adjusting, re-affirming, realizing, reaping, re-apportioning, reascending, reassembling, reassuring, rebounding, rebelling, rebuking, receiving, recapitulating, receding, reclaiming, recognizing, recollecting, recommending, reconciling…and ultimately…RECORDING again…ahhhhhh….I still have a seeming insurmountable number of system tweaks and downloads and integrations to do – but, my friends, it is all worth it. It is really, do you know why? The reason is the untold stories that beckon…the whispers from the bright (and dim)  world other. The M initiative. Yes the M. What is the M initiative? All in good time, all in its place…hopefully as an apple of gold in a silver bowl. But for now – I must return to the enabling of the b-works rig – an assignment requiring  judicious focus.

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