Ezekiel and idols of the heart

it has been a very fascinating journey through Ezekiel. I am in chapter 14 now, and considering the warnings God gave to Jerusalem… I also think on applications in my own life, especially idols in my heart. God would have us all put Him first, because if we don’t, we are easily led astray and hurt. I find so many parallels with our times, and the amazing thing is that I haven’t even hit the famous chapters that are so popular with students of prophecy. Chuck Missler said Ezekiel is one of the least read books of the old testament. I have no idea why – unless it is because we see God so clearly in Ezekiel that the enemy would not want us to be informed. It is a book for today. Lessons leap out at every turn. Further, the bible is such a wonderful book in its consistency and truthfulness. Running parallels from the Old Testament up through Revelation is inspiring. 66 books, 80 men and thousands of years working with 1 author in God, WOW. If anyone is interested in the online audio I am using in this study – the link is here.

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