hollowed one piece snare drum

drum before afterdrum above

as you can see – the single piece maple snare drum is coming right along…I have hit a bit of a snag on the interior, as I had a grinder to even it out and it was too fast, and it burnt the wood so I stopped immediately. Part of this project taking so long is I am curing it as I go, with no instructions or clear idea of time frames involved – only looking and working with the drum. I have had some wood experts express surprise that the wood is not cracking and unworkable (as well as surprise at my archaic approach)…I will show more as I near the finishing stage and complete (with audio samples as well). The 2 images show a before and after on the size of wood stump I cut the snare from, and an interior shot showing just how much work I have ahead of me to get the shell even and beveled etc. (click images to enlarge) Big fun. 🙂

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