I have a licensing deal…

this is indeed big news for yours truly. It is the first time someone outside of my acquaintances has taken me on, and will lend a hand to get my music heard, placed and generating income. It was a lot of work and sweat (not to mention a 13 page contract), there were several times they might have said ‘no-thanks’ but I passed over each checkpoint, so I am happy to say I am yet another step closer to my goals. I am really very excited, and very thankful, and hope this will be followed by news of where and when you will be able to catch my stuff in this great big wonderful world. Further, I am still tweaking ‘joy’ …this is (as I had mentioned ) a complete redo – but I am making progress. I will also be setting some new audio tidbits for you regular visitors to enjoy in your own productions…more to follow. Have a great day!

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