c.1300, “immediate influence of God or a god,” especially that under which the holy books were written, from O.Fr. inspiracion “inhaling, breathing in; inspiration,” from L.L. inspirationem (nom. inspiratio), noun of action from pp. stem of L. inspirare “inspire, inflame, blow into,” from in- “in” (see in- (2)) + spirare “to breathe” (see spirit). Literal sense “act of inhaling” attested in English from 1560s. Meaning “one who inspires others” is attested by 1867.

You want inspiration? Here are 10 tips;
1 ) Seek God first in all endeavors (prayer, bible study, obedience) for unexcelled inspiration.
2 ) Seek inspiration outside of your trade. Go to artists that work in mediums you don’t specialize in.
3 ) Get out in nature. You will never run out of inspiration in taking in this wide, bold, wonderful and sublime world God has created.
4 ) Be truthful / honest / real
5 ) Consider learning a lifestyle rather than a title.
6 ) Celebrate the amazing diversity we are surrounded in with the human experience, walk wide eyed in your daily gift of the present, fight evil at every opportunity overtly OR quietly.
7 ) Enjoy a deep and meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ, be it in a building called the church or not.
8 ) Fellowship with authentic Christians.
9 ) Make your goal to please God not man.
10 ) Admit you don’t know yourself.

sedit qui timuit ne non succederet

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