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It is interesting how the word law, as in Gods law, has come to mean ‘rules that are no fun’, when in reality what the word really means is something more akin to ‘instructions on how not to die / destroy yourself’. If I am lost in the wild woods I want directions on how to get safe / home. On this planet our greatest priority should be staying alive (not just existing), and the best instructions for this – both presently and eternally, are found in Gods word, in His law. Some might benefit from seeing Gods law generally like gravity, or motion, or light…immutable scientific realities, only for the meta physician. A person might argue “I am not going to obey the law of gravity,” and what they will find is – in fact – they will obey the law of gravity weather they want to or not – and the consequences can be deadly if the law of gravity is ignored. Similarly Gods laws will add life, bring peace, give satisfaction and generally direct and guide us in all of life’s paths…and that would be instructions we cannot afford to ignore, especially in this dark, hedonistic, blind, materialistic day with the air crackling in denial of our holy loving Lord. Let us read the owners manual (bible) and live.

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