looking for lightning

during a car ride the other day I was having a discussion with a friend about experiencing God. Somehow we landed on the topic of ‘big things’ being evidence of God moving. A dramatic healing for example, say – a man being diagnosed with cancer , then it disappears with no medical explanation. I believe God does dramatic healing (miracles) – but the truth is – God is behind every healing – even the ones like a little scratch, or a paper cut. Some people I know are big fans of ‘mountaintops’ (and come to think of it – I am too) …but most of life is spent in the valley. Some are looking for lightning and not noticing the grass. I too can be caught up in the so called big…but is this really how life works? I believe God wants us to recognize him in the everyday – because He is really in and around us everywhere we go. When Jesus first met the disciples after His resurrection he went on the beach and made fish cakes. Maybe we need to notice the divine in the everyday more. I am afraid too many are so busy with the big – or the search of the “big thing” we are being robbed of the incredibly varied and wonderful “little” that surrounds us.

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