Lord of hosts

Isaiah liked to use the term Lord of hosts…he used it 62 times in the book of Isaiah. The word ‘hosts’ comes from the Hebrew word tsaba – which means that which goes forth, army, war, warfare – or a captain of an army. It can also be loosely translated into angels and stars and heavenly bodies, but its first meaning is one of war. It denoted fighting, and service. This is again affirmation that our God is reminding us of what is really taking place in our lives against the power of evil as we Christians seek His will in our daily decisions, as well as fight for what we believe is right for our ourselves, our neighbor and country. Those that promote a non-fighting God, would have us not fight. These people would that we give up, so to speak, and do nothing – except perhaps – continue to feed on their sewage called teaching and preaching. They would have us be inclusive to homosexuals, child murderers, fornicators, idol worshipers, preachers of strange doctrine and embracing a quasi sinless representation of an emergent “Mr Jesus” seeking slumming and proselytizing making followers twice the children of hell they are. The more I read Isaiah the more inspired I am to fight (and the real fight begins with prayer and study of scripture – the word after all is called ‘the sword’ for obvious reasons). The church is the bride of Christ and it is under attack. What will you and I do as followers of Christ to help those that are the victims?

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