Mary and Joseph

sometimes it is interesting to consider how Joseph must have felt – being engaged to Mary, and then getting the news she is pregnant, before they were married, and before he had ‘known’ her. In those days the knowledge of how people got pregnant was as common as today. Granted, Joseph received news of this pregnancy being from the Holy Spirit, but I have no doubt it was not as simple as this. According to scripture, Jesus own brothers doubted he was the messiah. Couple this with the history of Mary being pregnant before Joseph married her (simple math), and we find Mary and Joseph probably were ostracized because of this perceived impropriety as far as the public in their day is concerned. All of this is simply more support for the fact that God does things in his own way – and has proven again and again that His ways are not mans…I am personally encouraged by the arrival of Christ, and the celebration of this in Christmas. I am also encouraged that when I put myself in Josephs shoes (in so far as that is possible) there are many head scratching similarities in how God chooses to deal with me.

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