St James and the Magician Hermogenes

This series is in 2 parts. I will include the first one today. The story behind this print is that the Jews had hired a magician named Hermogenes to thwart St. James (son of Zebedee). There are various versions of the story, in one the assistant of Hermogenes is converted, in another Hermogenes himself accepts

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quite busy behind the scenes…did a soundtrack for a jingle contest, am working on some new music, one tentatively named “intro 2011″…which would be the logical next step from outro 2010…and had intended to finish in January – but you know the “management by crisis’ dance…working on some videos for songs which should be forthcoming

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No sickness can come near to blast my health;

My life depends not upon any meat; My bread comes not from any human tilth; No wings will grow upon my changeless wealth; Wrong cannot touch it, violence or deceit; Thou art my life, my health, my bank, my barn– And from all other gods thou plain dost warn. GM

Happy 1-1-11!

honestly – I entered this simply because the numbers are too cool. Having said that – I really do want to wish each and every one of you a great and healthy body, soul and spirit and, well I have some newsworthy news. The wallops have come to a close (you knew that right?) –

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All winged things come from water first;

Airward still many a one from water springs In dens and caves wind loving things are nursed: I lie like unhatched bird, upfolded, dumb, While all the air is trembling with the hum Of songs, and beating hearts, and whirring wings, That call my slumbering life to wake to happy things. GM

Brueghel Prudence

Please click the above image for a larger version…. The original drawing, in the Royal Museum, Brussels, is signed “Brueghel” and dated 1559. This is probably one of the earliest finished Virtues drawings, as it is one of only 7 that included an H in his signature. Prudence was not to be understood as merely

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they’re heeeere

the colors that is – get away from your cubicle, computer, desk, office, sofa whatever – and take them in – they don’t stay very long.

New Song! hear the drum