So far so good…

OK, well I posted my first song, which you can find on the music link. I was hoping to get a video up – but I only got as far as finishing the test music piece. I also downloaded an interesting looking video editing program avisplit. Hopefully I’ll shoot the video – edit and post

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December 6, time to test

Well, I am still trying to sort out how these additions will show up, so as I populate the site and navigate my way through word press, you will be witness to some meanderings.

Hello world!

Welcome to the home page of David Hill, expressive enthusiast. I decided to start this site as a way to put different projects together in one place. I like the idea of making it easy to “publish” myself too… since I don’t have anyone else that has stepped up to do it. I will do my best to try to

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New Song! hear the drum