I am mixing a compilation CD – which will include many tracks found @ the music section of the website…”why?” you ask – well – simply because I need to fix odd vox and pieces of the different songs and a cd seems a nice exclamation point – and I need to send Cd’s out to some different industry people for some different industry uses…PR, licensing, misc. door knocking, copyrighting…stay tuned. I will make the cd available as a separate purchase – so you will find all of the news and info here as it develops.

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musician, videographer, new media specialist, producer, imaginator

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Mark McLaren

Hi David,
It looks like your site is being indexed now by Google, Yahoo and MSN / Live.com. I left an additional comment for you on my site at http://www.mcbuzz.com/2008/blog-seo-tip-1-put-primary-keyword-in-your-post-title/

If you turn on “permalinks” in the WordPress Dashboard, that will help you in search results.

Best wishes,
Mark McLaren

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