mosquito bites and temptation

the other night I was sitting in bed with my wife, scratching the daylights out of my foot – which had recently been bitten a couple of times by mosquitoes. It seemed the more I scratched the bites – the more inflamed it got, and the worse I needed to scratch. It was an old fashioned vicious circle. My wife was sitting next to me telling me the only way to solve this was to quit scratching it, and the itch will go away. Feeling my heartbeat in my feet and nearly ready to climb the walls I tried it. At first the sensation to itch was unbearable – I almost doubted at the last moment but stood firm, then… the itching subsided and has not returned since (now days later). I was very surprised. For me the lesson on temptation was not to be missed. In life we all have those moments where the ‘itch’ (sinful temptation) looms large as the only means for any relief. We also know by experience that when we ‘itch’ (sin) not only does the scratch (sex, drugs, gossip, lie) not satisfy, but it inflames and greatly enlarges the need to itch (sin) – continually until we repent. The take-away on this is so obvious it surprises me I have never seen the connection before. When I resist the scratch (devil) he will flee. Now of course an occasional scratch can be nice (outside of the simile), and of course I am not saying scratching is evil…but if you see the connections here and find yourself with an obsessive need for disobedience – remember, God is with you now, and he will not only help you resist the temptation, but he will empower you for peace and satisfaction by the blood of Christ when you and I repent and stay obedient. Also – next time you have a mosquito bite – don’t scratch it, the inflammation will leave.

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Mark Deisinger

That is an excellent nugget o’ wisdom, Dave.


you never stop to amaze me ….how you can turn a funny moment (on my end) I am sure you didn’t think it was funny then… such a wonderful lesson! One of the many reasons why I love you so much. x me


Glad you liked it…feel free to share.

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