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I was reading in Luke 15 about the prodigal son (I actually have the Durer print in my studio) and how when the profligate son returned (repentant) there was music and dancing. The lesson of the story is not actually what I am writing about, as much as the etymology path I ended up rambling down. The word “musick” in this context comes from the word symphonos, and as we drill down we get the word phone, and phaino – which mean sound and to bring to light respectively. So, if we look beyond the obvious meaning of music harmony in the technical sense we end up with a loose translation of “agreeing with what is brought to light”. Do you agree with what you hear musically (generally speaking)? Do you listen to a lot of things you disagree with purely from a “music appreciation” perspective? What kind of music would you listen to that would give you the deepest sense of agreement? Is it possible to completely disagree with a music and still enjoy it? Being that from a scientific standpoint music is vibrations – when we “vibrate” at different intervals – we facilitate excitement, sadness, longing etcetera…is there an inherent truth to ones “agreement” even if on a subliminal level and truth in their essence? Just thinking out loud.

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I know I enjoy praise and worship music the most, but I don’t listen to it as much as the everyday stuff, kind of silly now that I think of it. I rarely listen to our local Christian radio station.


well praise and worship are the highest uses of music…I am sometimes pretty indifferent to what is called CCM, but I don’t know if it’s taste buds, hypocrites on stage / in studio or the occasional lack of creativity and adventure – it could be any or all of these at any given time

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