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I am thinking of doing a music video of one of the recent mixs…why you ask? Simply because in this day and age it is possible for me to one man band a song – use my little cannon powershot sx1000, shoot the video, load this into vegas and after effects and off I go…into vid – with very little budget (except time). We once as a band had a group from Hollywood fly to Amsterdam and shoot a video for about $95,000.000 – if I have my numbers right…lol – those were the days…seems like everything cost about $100,000.00 in the majors…reminds me of Rainman “about $100.00″…so – I will be considering which song, and wanting it to perform the simple function of inspiring you all…k? If you have a request lemme know. flipside.

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hopes run high – and good luck with THAT in your backyard hahahaha




If I had a wish is my favorite…I really like the bass line. Maybe you could play it in a video… 🙂

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New Song! hear the drum